Digital Marketing

BelmaServicesDigital Marketing

We provide digital marketing services to support your online business. In partnership with you, we manage your customer relationship & create a visibility plan that will turn your visitors into sales!


Digital Advertising


We set up, run, and track your ad campaign on Google, other sites and Social Media. We are here to create the ground for more sales.

Social Media


We manage your Social Media. We create the right content for your target audience so to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Email & Mobile Marketing


We design and send newsletters & SMS to your listings, either for any updates or to sell your products/services.

Analytics & Reporting


We track the traffic and behaviour of your audience to extract useful information about your target group & business.

Website Maintenance


We design, create and manage websites and e-shops based on the new technologies and according to your business needs. We manage data entry for you while implementing On-Page SEO so to be competible with search engines.

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It is a real challenge to manage and sell our customers’ products/services and getting in touch with so many different target groups. Following the client’s company market’s strategic analysis, we decide on the direction we will move. One of the components that differentiate Belma is that our services are set up by digital marketers and salespersons who know trends, tools, and consumer behavior. These teams share the same common language for growth.

This way, we increase your sales rates!

We offer tailor-made digital marketing services to any of our clients, whether in Greece or abroad, as we believe the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is of no use.