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Event Management aims at companies participating in trade fairs, organizing events or networking meetings and want to get to know and inform their public. It is one of the ways to enhance their public relations.



1. Conferences and seminars / corporate meetings, events

2. Outdoor activities

3. Participation in trade shows of your industry

4. Public Relations

About the service 

Event Planning

  • Event Planning (Theme – Tasks-Time plan-Budget)
  • Event’s Objectives Ideas for setting up and organizing the event
  • Venues & food proposals
  • Collection of Bids
  • Closing the best financial deals

Event Management & Marketing

    • Book a venue
    • Ways to support the event
    • Create needed material Sponsorships (if needed)
    • Marketing & Communication via newsletter, social media, website, sms
    • Project management

On the day support

    • Reception and hospitality of the public
    • VIP
    • Guests coordination
    • Supervision of staff, suppliers and partners
    • PR actions

We ensure that tasks are always performed smoothly and on time, so to have a perfectly organised event.

You have the Colors

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