Sales Development

BelmaServicesSales Development

Belma undertakes sales for B2B and B2C services as Part-time Sales Representatives.

Sales outsourcing can be the right way for organizations to increase lead generation and sales without the cost associated with full-time sales reps. Sales Outsourcing means we face sales challenges together and look for the right leads through tailor-made sales processes. We analyze the data to understand where and how your customers move. Our goal is to find out your end-buyer profile, identify market opportunities and trends to propose practical sales plan implementation actions. We work systematically, intending to enhance activities and aim to increase the customer base that will lead to the growth of your company.


Sales Prospecting List


We build targeted B2B listings with your potential clientele and individual decision-makers . At the same time, we are activating our acquaintances to make our movements more efficient.

Outbound Sales & Communication


We create communication material to prospecting (company profiles, presentations, cold emails & calls scripts). At the same time, we are following social selling techniques by researching of decision-makers (ex LinkedIn), so to start the sales process.

Sales Procedures


We aim to arrange appointments with your potential clients. Besides, we can be the ones representing you. We jointly prepare bids, collect feedback. We stand by your side until the agreement is done.

Looking for potential customers or looking to reach a new market?

We accelerate conversion rates for potential customers by making the most of your available resources. Our goal at Sales Outsourcing is to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any obstacles that the prospects face, and increase customer lifetime value by creating:


    • Long-term relationships
    • Brand loyalty
    • Up-selling and cross-selling techniques
    • We provide the best service through all available Online & Offline channels
Sales Outsourcing Belma

We offer tailor-made services to any of our clients, whether in Greece or abroad, as we believe the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is of no use.