Sponsorship Management

BelmaServicesSponsorship Management

Sponsorship Management aims to help companies, individuals and organizations seeking sponsors to support their actions.

About the Service 

Sponsorship proposal

  • We gather all the information needed to create attractive presentation proposals with substantial payoffs for sponsors.
  • We define quantitative and qualitative KPIs to evaluate sponsorship.

Prospecting Sponsors

Building Outreach – Meetings – Follow up


  • We explore the market, and we are creating a list of prospect sponsors and key contact persons.
  • We communicate our proposal through cold calling, emails and networking.
  • Follow up and close a meeting to present the project to reach an agreement.

Sponsorship plan implementation


We support our proposal, and we develop relationships of trust with the sponsor while ensuring that we will achieve both sides’ goals.

Evaluation & Reporting

  • We evaluate the success of our collaboration, according to KPIs.
  • We write detailed reporting presenting the actions and scope of the sponsor.

Our goal is to build trust and get win-win agreements.