Website Development

BelmaServicesWebsite Development

We offer your company a custom website development designed to fit your business’s strategy and needs. Our team works closely with a wide variety of frameworks, technologies, and existing methods to help facilitate your business’s growth.


Planning & Design


Gathering information is the first step: purpose, primary goals, and target audience. We continue with planning and design.

Content Production & Management


We create content (in any language you wish to inform your clients) for your company’s website that’ll provide useful information to your audience to attract potential customers. During data entry, we optimize content to improve SEO.



Coding and customization come first. Then we design the layout with the content and call-to-action buttons and contact forms with anti-spam protection to ensure you will receive qualified leads. We use free or paid plugins that can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress website.

Testing & Delivery


Web Testing is a crucial set of functional, usability, and performance/load tests that all companies looking to scale their testing should be performing.
We do it for you!

Website Maintenance 


Websites aren’t something you create once, and then you’re done. You need to continue caring for them and do ongoing website maintenance. We check your website for issues and keeping them updated. It is a consistent procedure to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

Hosting & Support


We love technology, but most of all, we love seeing our customers happy.
If you need advice, support, or technical assistance, we are always at hand to swiftly resolve the issue.

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