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Packaging & Label Design – Philippe Alexander Champagne

Cuvee R – Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Philippe Alexander’s champagne collection became bigger!
The new Philippe Alexander Cuvee R came unexpectedly…and so came the idea of how we should “dress” this new exquisite and fine bottle of champagne. This is the first PA champagne of the collection produced in France’s vineyards but designed uniquely in Greece from Belma.
The pretty pale yellow color and the numerous trains of fine bubbles led our team to a great idea that came unexpectedly like the champagne: A female dancer blooming through her ethereal movements like a fresh bubble.
The creation started through numerous black-and-white sketches by our designer while the marketing team made the adjustments so that the dancer was born (not classical not too modern) as an exquisite creature.
Following the sketches using gold and off-white was a one-way story that matched the blue color of the logo.

A luxury gift box was created afterward to host the Cuvee R Champagne.
The Dancer was kept given a gold printing on a pale yellow box resembling to champagne’s color. On the inner part of the gift box was written the moto: Reveal the crown

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    Philippe Alexander

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